Welcome to my Python Sphinx page!

Python/NCL documentation

A Python documentation has been written for Earth Scientists. The pdf document can be downloaded here. Complementary material (scripts, programs, etc) can be downladed here. This documentation also includes a documentation for NCL.

Python class

I provided a Python class to PhD students, post-docs and researchers of the University of Cape Town. The slides of are available to download (see table below). All the slides, programs, data, excercices and corrections may be downloaded here.

Class Contents
Session 1 Introduction, lists, Numpy arrays, loops, if statements, dictionnaries
Session 2 Strings, Functions, IO (Matlab, ASCII, NetCDF), time handling.
Session 3 Matplotlib (XY plots, contours and filled contours, imshow, text and paneling).
Session 4 Matplotlib (quiver, scatter, patches, customisation) and maps (Basemap).
Session 5 Classes, executable programs, program arguments, exceptions.
Session 6 Statistics (distributions, interpolations, regressions/correlations, EOFs).
Session 7 Usefull libraries (panda, nbtools, PyNGL, Pylint).